Golf, with its sprawling greens and manicured fairways, has long been associated with beauty and leisure. However, as environmental concerns continue to take center stage, the golf industry faces increasing pressure to adopt sustainable practices that minimise its ecological footprint. Enter Environmental Golf Solutions (EGS), an innovative company at the forefront of the green revolution in golf course maintenance and management Down Under.

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TRUE linkswear: A story of Golf Style, Comfort and Performance Converged…

In the realm of golf fashion, where tradition meets innovation, one brand has been making waves with its commitment to comfort, style, and performance – TRUE linkswear.

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If Geoff Ogilvy says it's the perfect snack for the golf course, it probably is...

In the dynamic world of golf, where precision, focus, and sustained energy are paramount, Caddie Snacks has emerged as a game-changer. This family-owned and operated business, based in the heart of Sydney, Australia, is dedicated to enhancing players' experiences on the golf course.

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Preventing Golf Club Lithium-Ion Battery Fires

The Australian golf community has been hit hard with recent fire losses at multiple clubs across the country said to be started by lithium-ion batteries. With Insurers tightening coverage & raising policy excesses as a result, it's time golf clubs take action.

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Swing with Style! The story of Big Dog Golf Co. Australia’s premium handcrafted golf head covers & more…

Discover the premium craftsmanship of Big Dog Golf Co., Australia's leading handcrafted golf head covers. Unveil the story behind the brand's commitment to quality, sustainability, and custom creations

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Your game starts here: The story of Tour Tee

Tour Tee

In the game of golf, every detail matters, and it's the little things that can make a big difference. Whether you're a seasoned professional or an enthusiastic amateur, the golf tee is one such detail that often goes overlooked. However, there's one Australian-owned and designed company that knows that the devil is in the details and is now changing the game “one tee at a time” - Tour Tee.

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Shortees Golf: The Journey of Paul Watts and Sydney’s thriving day/night golf course

paul watts

With Paul's continued involvement, Shortees is poised to remain as Sydney's destination for an 18-hole day/night golf course, and it will continue to bring joy and excitement to golfers of all skill levels, perpetuating the dream of its founder for generations to come.

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Exploring Golf, Business, and Passion: A Conversation with Daniel Bateup on My Love Of Golf Podcast

my love of golf podcast

This week Daniel Bateup, the visionary behind Golf Business Australia, shared his insights into the game in an in-depth episode of the popular podcast My Love of Golf.

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Golf Business Australia and Empower Golf Announce New Partnership to Help Boost Inclusivity Down Under

Golf Business Australia (GBA), the nation's leading golf-specific insurance provider has joined forces with Empower Golf Australia, a pioneering non-profit organisation dedicated to making golf inclusive and accessible for individuals living with disabilities.

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Exceptional Support and Peace of Mind For Your Golf Business: Golf Business Australia

Zac Chipperfield from The Golf Bunker in Brisbane discussed the service provided by Golf Business Australia following an unexpected water damage incident at his venue.

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