Ramping up for the Golf Business Forum!

Ramping up for the Golf Business Forum!

As most of your know by now, I'm getting my shoes shined ready for the Golf Business Forum in Melbourne.

Now that we've announced our official launch date, we want to explain a little bit about WHY we're at the event.

Well, there hasn't been a forum like this held in Australia before.  One where golf business owners and operators, as well as anyone working within the golf industry, can come together to share thoughts, ideas & successes with one another,  For GBA, that's crucial as we grow from our very own experiences.

There's such a great line-up of speakers at the Forum.  To be honest, we're a bit spoilt for choice.  We're unable to cherry pick, but we're looking forward to hearing from Jay Karen, CEO of the National Golf Course Owners Association in the US.  We're obviously based Down Under, but getting perspective and insights from an international level will always help local businesses plan ahead and grow further.

Closer to home there's Kim Ellis, the Executive Director of Sydney's Parklands and Botanical Gardens, which includes Moore Park Golf Club.  Kim will be talking about what it takes to invest in public golf.  Being big fans of Moore Park here in Sydney, we're keen to hear more about this thought leading club.

Strategy for golf businesses is something we live and breathe every day - deciding the best approaches and solutions for our customers to give them the best service that we can.  Our strategy is based on the detail we know so that plans can be delivered effectively.  For this reason, we're keen to hear Jo-Ann Foo's research and insights session.

And how can you not love the Sports Geek podcast?!  Looking forward to hearing from Sean Callanan talk about client engagement on digital platforms so we can look at interacting with our customers in new & effective ways.

As always, we'd love to have a conversation with you! So if you're heading on down to Melbourne and would like to talk about your business insurance or finance needs please let us know - 1300 852 025.

We'll be tweeting throughout the forum from @golfbusinessau and sharing our launch information with you.



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