The Outback Golf Insurance Initiative Launched

The Outback Golf Insurance Initiative Launched


  • Comprehensive Insurance for Australian Country Golf Clubs

No industry is immune to the forces of external and social change, and the golf industry is no different.

Approximately 73 per cent of all golf courses in Australia are located in regional areas. Many of these regional courses are renowned for their picturesque surrounds and challenging layouts, but a lot of the clubs are also functioning as a critical social fabric in remote towns - a community hub where people, besides playing golf, gather and celebrate milestones.

Regrettably, a great number of these clubs are also facing financial pressures from small and declining local populations and are dealing with vastly different challenges to what many of the inner-city clubs may face.

Last year, in an attempt to assist such clubs, the Queensland Government announced a license fee cut for small country pubs and clubs in very remote Queensland. The scheme ensured a halving of license fees for clubs with no more than 2000 members, which came into effect in July last year.

State Government initiatives like aforementioned are important in ensuring the viability of these, often times volunteer based, smaller clubs. But it’s also imperative for such clubs to properly insure themselves, and to associate with an insurer who understands and can accommodate for the unique needs and circumstance of a small outback club.

Golf Business Australia (GBA) provides unrivalled, premium competitive insurance solutions to Australian golf facilities of all shapes and sizes. The company has a proven track record with small outback clubs and possess intimate knowledge of golf facilities and the special requirements for clubs in regional areas.

The challenges

Australia’s many golf clubs come in a diverse range of shapes and sizes and are experiencing significant micro and macro change and increasing challenges depending on location, population and funding.

Some of the greater challenges for clubs located in the Australian outback relates to the population and participation decline, which impacting negatively on club’s membership recruitment and retention. These clubs are also suffering the effects of rising cost structures and increasingly complex governance responsibilities placing strain on volunteer committees and Boards.

These challenges are, of course, in addition to the all-encompassing shifts in consumer preferences relating to club membership and flexibility of playing/paying arrangements which faces all golf clubs in Australia. It is sound management practice to address these challenges in a proactive way.

Last year, GBA was able to assist a small regional NSW golf club who, at the time of renewal, was made aware that there were issues with the current insurance as identified by the underwriter insurance holder.

As a result, the club’s insurance bill sky-rocketed and it was exposed that there had been areas of the club that might not have been receiving full coverage under the existing scheme.

In effect, the club’s secretary contacted Golf NSW and Golf Industry Central, which both provided a contact to Golf Business Australia. The club connected with GBA and asked what could be done for them as a club.

Daniel Bateup, Founder and Managing Director requested some documentation from the club and was able to provide the club with a quote on the same day. GBA’s comprehensive insurance offered the club a saving of a third of the previous insurance coverage and substantial improvement to the overall cover including, but not limited to;

  1. Flood insurance in a flood-prone area.
  2. Increased Club Liability from $20m to $50m
  3. Annual Premium saving approx. $10,000
  4. Priority service from a golf industry insurance specialist.
  5. Access to GBA’s network of golf industry professional service providers i.e. Asset Valuers, OHS Consultants


Golf Business Australia (GBA) is an official partner of Golf NSW and the fastest growing golf industry-specific insurance and finance provider in the country, and with great understanding of the struggle many of the country’s regional clubs face in an ever-changing landscape.

“As a small club, we would recommend that, come insurance renewal time, all clubs contact GBA. You may well be surprised at to what savings and cover improvements they can provide as the golf industry insurance experts.”


GBA Comprehensive Insurance

GBA can offer regional clubs a review of their insurance as well to help slash fees even further where possible and assist in conserving these significant community clubs across Australia.

“It was an easy choice for our club to join GBA after they clearly demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of our landscape and the risks exposures faced by Australian golf clubs,” said GBA client Nyngan Golf Club, located in a small country town in central NSW.

“Improved cover and premium savings of approx. $4,000 has been a massive boost for our predominately volunteer-run club, supported by the ongoing assistance of Daniel Bateup and the GBA team.”

To read what other clients have to say about GBA, please visit the website.

Golf Clubs need to be aware of risk and manage it effectively.

Golf Business Australia (GBA) is an official partner of Golf NSW and the fastest growing golf industry-specific insurance and finance provider in the country, and with great understanding of the struggle many of the country’s regional clubs face in an ever-changing landscape.

Every golf business has a unique risk profile – let Golf Business Australia customise a plan that works to protect your assets, and revenue, from the unique conditions of your area.

Our premium range of golf insurance products aim to offer total golfing peace of mind – Whether you are looking for HIO insurance for your event, golf insurance for your golf equipment, insurance cover for your buggy or that all-important on course third party liability protection, GBA has got you covered!

Feel free to call The Golf Insurance Guy Daniel Bateup anytime on 1300 852 025 or fill out the form on our website and get a quote today and we’ll be in touch to start your journey soon.


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